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I-84 Safety and Operational Improvements in West Hartford (CTDOT 0155-0171)

Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to provide safety and operational improvements to address concerns with congestion and traffic operations on I-84. Improvements include adding an additional lane on I-84 WB between Exits 39A and 43, and between Exit 40 and 41 on I-84 EB. Bridges over Berkshire Road and Ridgewood Road Westbound will be widened or replaced. For more detailed information please visit the About the Project page.

The proposed improvements are anticipated to be constructed in three stages in order to impact traffic as little as possible. Major detours are scheduled to redirect traffic during construction from April through October so as not to impact Winter/Fall Holiday traffic.

Note: WB = westbound, EB = eastbound

The project includes the following major operations:

  • Addition of Operational Lanes on I-84 EB/WB
  • Full Replacement of Berkshire Road Bridges
  • Superstructure and Widening Ridgewood Rd Bridge – I-84 WB
  • Removal and Reconstruction of Noise Barrier Wall
  • Incident Management System/Information Technology System
  • Drainage Improvements
  • Guide Rail/Signage/Illumination

Project Location

The project location is along Interstate 84 in the Town of West Hartford. The project limits on I-84 WB are between the I-84 westbound on-ramp from Park Road (Exit 43) and the off-ramp to Route 9 Southbound (Exit 39A). The project limits on I-84 EB are between the off-ramp to New Britain Avenue (Exit 40) and just east of the Webster Hill Boulevard overpass.

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