What is the I-84 Safety and Operational Improvements Project?

A. The I-84 Safety and Operational Improvements Project is a Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) initiative to improve safety, improve access, and operations in both directions on I-84 between Woodruff Road and Mayflower Street in West Hartford (Exits 39 and 43). Improvements to I-84 include highway widening to accommodate additional lanes and upgrades to noise barriers. Bridges over Ridgewood Road and Berkshire Road will also be widened or replaced to be brought to current standards

Why is the project needed?

A. I-84 was constructed in the early 1960s to support regional mobility and commerce. As, the region has grown over the past 60 years so has daily traffic. Today, I-84 experiences significant congestion creating operational concerns. According to crash data analysis, there were 57 recorded crashes on a portion of I-84 EB between Berkshire Road and South Main Street. Of the 57 crashes, there was one crash with a fatality, 31 rear-end collisions (indicating congestion concerns), and 11 sideswipe collisions (indicating operational concerns). When completed, the improved sections of I-84 will increase the safety of the traveling public, local and regional commerce, and freight mobility. 

Where is the project located?

A. The project is located within the Town of West Hartford on I-84 between Woodruff Road and Mayflower Street from Exits 39A to 43 (both Eastbound and Westbound directions of traffic).

How long will the project take to complete?

A. Project is estimated to take approximately three (3) years, from Spring 2020 through Spring 2023.

What is the main purpose of the project?

A. Improve the safety of the traveling public, local and regional commerce, and freight mobility

What will be done to reduce the impact of construction on residents and businesses in West Hartford?

A. During construction, CTDOT will ensure that residents are informed of construction schedules and potential impacts. All updates and press releases will be posted on this website for public information and awareness. All Public Info Meeting announcements will be posted on this website also.

Construction activities on I-84 will be performed during periods of lighter traffic volumes. Three lanes will be maintained in each direction during all heavy traffic periods.

The closure of the I-84 WB on-ramp at Ridgewood Rd (Exit 40) will take place during the summer 2021 construction season and will be reopened to traffic before the Fall/Winter holiday season.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions regarding this project?

A. You can send us an email at [email protected] or you can also leave a comment on this website. To stay informed please sign up for updates here or by texting i84info to 22828. 

Can I leave a question or comment in Spanish in the “Contact Us” tab?

A. Yes. We have Spanish speaking staff available

What are the major operations on this project?

A. The project includes the following major operations:

  • Addition of Operational Lanes on I-84 EB/WB
  • Full Replacement of Berkshire Road Bridges
  • Superstructure Replacement and Widening Ridgewood Rd Bridge – I-84 WB
  • Removal and Reconstruction of Noise Barrier Walls
  • Incident Management System and Information Technology System Replacements/Upgrades
  • Drainage Improvements
  • Guide Rail/Signage/Illumination

When will the noise barrier walls be constructed during the project?

A. It is anticipated that noise barrier walls will be constructed during Stage 2 (when traffic is shifted to the inside of the highway). These walls will be constructed to current engineering standards and will reduce roadway noise. This project will only replace outdated existing noise barriers as pursuant the results of a noise analysis and in compliance with the CTDOT noise policy under 23 CFR 772.5.

How were the locations of the noise barrier walls determined?

A. During the planning and design phase of the project, the Department conducted a noise study in accordance with Federal Highway Administration requirements for this type of project. Existing noise levels are measured and future noise levels are modeled to determine the areas where a noise impact may occur. Noise abatement is required where a noise impact is identified and the abatement is evaluated to be feasible and reasonable.

How many Detours/Stages is the project expected to have?

A. There will be three (3) Stages and two (2) major detours.  All construction information will be posted on this website. Please sign up for updates here or by texting i84info to 22828.

Will night construction take place?

A. In order to reduce the impact that lane closures have on the travelling public, certain activities will be required to take place at night. All construction info and lane closures will be updated on this website prior to any construction work.

Will construction occur 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

A. Construction activities can occur at any time. However the allowable lane closure periods are restricted to minimize impacts to the travelling public.

Will the existing speed limits remain?

A. Reduced speed limits will be in force temporarily through the construction

Who is on the project team?

A. The project team was selected by the lead agency, Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT). CTDOT selected BL Companies to design the I-84 improvements. Once a preferred design was completed, CTDOT selected O&G Industries, Inc. as the Contractor and Urban Engineers, Inc. to be the Construction Engineering and Inspection (CE&I) consultant.

How much does the Project cost?

A. The construction contract for this project was awarded to O&G Industries, Inc. at a cost of $54,622,567.