Construction Work and Detour beginning on Monday – April 5, 2021

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Daytime construction work

Work during the daylight hours between Ridgewood Road and the Route 9 of ramp (39A), Westbound I-84, will include removing the existing wooden noise barrier wall and construction of a new concrete panel noise barrier wall.

Night construction work starting on Monday – April 5, 2021

From 7:00pm to 5:00am Monday through Friday there will be work done on I-84 for this project in proximity to your neighborhood.  Work at night is required in order to minimize the impacts to the travelling public for certain construction operations, but the majority of the work will be performed during the day whenever possible.

Ramp Closure on Monday – April 5, 2021

Exit 40 On-Ramp to I-84 Westbound, from Ridgewood Road, will be closed late Monday morning.  The on-ramp will be closed for approximately 6 months to facilitate the replacement of the I-84 WB bridge over Ridgewood Rd.

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